Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jim's Tempura Lettuce Wraps

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Here's a quick and easy appetizer that will surely impress your guests. It comes from Chef Jim Shinbo, who cooked for the Olschefski's holiday dinner party (a small sit-down dinner for 30 guests) in Bellevue, Washington. The lettuce wraps came together quickly and were the hit of the party.

Romaine lettuce, trimmed
Trader Joe's frozen shrimp tempura
Mayonnaise, mixed with a little salsa juice
Peach mango salsa (Costco) or any salsa
Mexican-mix cheese, grated

Heat the tempura according to package directions. Use medium-size romaine leaves and trim the romaine so it is a little longer than the shrimp. To assemble, on top of the romaine, spread some of the mayonnaise mixture, add some salsa, place shrimp on top, sprinkle with the cheese.

You can substitute the tempura with firm blackened fish, scallops, fried calamari or other seafood. For a lower fat version, I subsituted the mayonnaise with non-fat plain yogurt and light sour cream (half of each) mixed with salsa juice.

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