Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jennifer's Beer Margaritas

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Here's a delicious margarita recipe from Jennifer Powell - perfect for a hot summer day or when entertaining guests.  You just pour everything into a large pitcher and stir.  Add ice to the pitcher, if you wish, or individually in each glass.  This may sound like a strange recipe with the beer in it, but it is quite good and refreshing -- Jenn's favorite margarita recipe and super easy to make. 

Large can of frozen limeade
1 bottle of beer (Light beer or Corona is best)
1 can of Tequila (can do 3/4 can then fill the rest of triple sec for a weaker version)
1 can of water

Here's Katie at a special tea party with her furry friends.  Also pictured is a sample of the cutest Hello Kitty cake-pops that Jennifer made for guests at Katie's recent birthday.  What a good mom she is!

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