Thursday, February 17, 2011

Betty's Phyllo-Wrapped Halibut

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We had the most elegant meal at our neighbors' house.  Betty Yee made this dish for us and what a treat it was.  Fresh halibut fillets were wrapped in a delicate, phyllo crust, then baked in a hot oven.  The phyllo kept the halibut moist and tender.  You can add any sauce you wish to this, such as a lemon scallion sauce or dill sauce.  We drizzled an aged balsamic vinegar which they purchased on their recent Italian vacation.  It had a dark, rich, mellow taste and complemented the fish perfectly.

2 T extra virgin olive oil
4 sheets phyllo dough
2 (5 oz) halibut fillets
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tsp chopped fresh dill

Defrost the phyllos sheets according to package directions.  Lightly brush 1 sheet of phyllo dough with the olive oil.  Lay another sheet on top and lightly brush it with olive oil.  Repeat the remaining 2 sheets.  Cut the sheets in half.  Season the halibut with salt, pepper and dill.  Place the fillet near the bottom edge of one of the halved phyllo portions, fold in the sides, then roll the fillet.  Place on a lightly oiled baking sheet.  Bake 425 degrees for 12-15 min.

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