Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hide's Sake Gohan (Salmon Rice)

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Hide Obatake makes a delicious salmon sake gohan, a rice dish that is simple to make and is light and healthy.  You can find salmon collars at a Japanese fish market or ask your local fish monger.  This dish is so flavorful with a mild, delicate taste which represents Hide's healthy home-style Japanese cooking.  It is another dish that could easily be called comfort food.

2-3 salmon collars
3 cups Japanese short grain rice
3 cups dashi soup stock
3 T soy sauce
3 T sake

Generously salt the salmon collars, place in a Ziploc bag or plastic container and refrigerate overnight.  Next day, make the dashi broth according to package directions.  Rinse the rice with cold water several times until the rice is clean, then drain.  Grill the salmon collars for a few minutes to sear in the flavor, then set aside.  Transfer the washed rice into a cooking pot or rice cooker and fill with the dashi broth.  The dashi should be about an inch higher than the rice.  Add the salmon collars on top of the rice, then add the soy sauce and sake.  Cover the pot and start cooking.  If using an automatic rice cooker, hit the "on" button and let the mixture cook the full cycle.  If cooking on top of the stove, start on high heat, then reduce heat to low when the mixture starts boiling.  Keep cooking for 12-15 min on low heat, shut off the heat and steam for another 10 minutes.  When the rice is done, break apart the salmon, take out the bones, and gently stir into the rice mixture. 

As an option, you can add slivered gobo, carrots and shiitake mushrooms over the salmon prior to cooking.  So delicious!

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