Friday, August 14, 2009

Hide's Feast

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I cannot even begin to describe the wonderful Japanese feast we had at Hide and Reiko Obatake's house on our recent trip to Seattle. Hide truly outdid himself cooking a wide array of seafood and Japanese delicacies for his guests. It was such a memorable evening. I have never tasted anything so delicious like that before. Here's a list and the photos of the food he prepared.
--Fresh crisp, cucumber slices with an ume dipping sauce and a dark miso dipping sauce
--Seared albacore tuna (caught by Denny in Ilwaco) topped with radish sprouts
--Deep-fried saba in a delicately seasoned broth, sprinkled with white sesame seeds
--Japanese lotus root, cooked to perfection
--Fava beans in the pod, grilled on the barbeque
--Pork belly and daikon, simmered in a wonderful miso broth with slivered fresh ginger on top
--A special Okinawan sake - Awamori
--Live, whole jumbo prawns,seasoned with kosher salt and grilled on the barbecue
--Steamed orata, a fish we had first tasted and enjoyed in Venice
--Four types of mushrooms with tender pea pods steamed at a low temperature to keep in the flavors
--Onion and barley soup with a whole, perfectly formed small onion in tact in my soup bowl
--Copper River salmon collars marinated in kosher salt in the freezer for two months, that were grilled, then cooked with rice in a dashi broth, then tossed together right before serving
--Red bean and jelly ice bars for dessert

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