Sunday, March 30, 2008

Matsutake Gohan

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Here's a good recipe for Matsutake Gohan from Recipes. Matsutake mushrooms are considered a Japanese delicacy as they are hard to harvest, so are expensive in price. My parents used to go matsutake hunting in the Pacific Northwest coniferous forests in early September during matsutake season. My mom would slice them, pan fry them in butter, or make matsutake gohan with it. Delicious!


2-1/2 cups Calrose short grain rice
2-2/3 cups water (with a pinch of dashi or chicken broth flavoring)
2 medium Matsutake mushrooms
2 T sake
2 T soy sauce

Rinse the mushrooms and slice. Cook rice in a rice cooker with seasoned water, sake and soy sauce. When the rice begins to steam, add the mushrooms to the rice cooker and allow the rice to continue steaming. Do not mix the ingredients until the rice has finished cooking. You can also add shredded carrots, gobo, aburage, chicken, whatever you like to this recipe along with the mushrooms.

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