Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jennifer's Prime Rib

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Excellent, excellent, excellent! A classic holiday recipe from Jennifer, Denny and daughter, Katie Powell, pictured here enjoying a day at the beach. We made this for the holidays and the meat was so tender, it melted in your mouth. Truly decadent! The trick is in when to take it out of the oven, and Jennifer shares that secret.


Bring prime rib to room temperature. Rub the prime rib with minced garlic, salt and pepper. Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part. Roast for 15 min. at 500 degrees, then reduce heat to 350 degrees. Allow 15 min. per pound for rare and 20 min per pound for medium rare. Take out of oven when temperature reaches 120 degrees for rare or 135 degrees for medium. Let rest 15 min. before carving. Roast will continue to cook while it is resting.

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