Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hide's Agedashi Tofu

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I love Agedashi Tofu and order it each time I frequent a Japanese restaurant. This recipe comes from Hide Obatake, a former chef of the Mikado Restaurant in Seattle. He is currently President and founder of Magic Dragon, a gourmet Asian quick-serve restaurant. He is pictured here with his wife, Reiko, vacationing in Florence, Italy. He is my secret source for authentic Japanese recipes. He has the best recipes!

1 block Medium firm tofu
Japanese rice starch
Concentrated Bonito Flavored Soup Base
Grated ginger (to taste)
Minced green onions (to taste)
Bonito flakes (optional)
Oil for deep frying

The key to good agedashi is the temperature of the oil. It must be hot enough when deep frying so that the outside of the tofu will be crispy. Drain the tofu, and pat dry with paper towels. Use Japanese rice starch to coat the tofu for the best results. Deep fry until golden brown, turning once. Remove and drain on paper towels. Make the sauce using the concentrated bonito flavored soup base purchased at a Japanese market. The water to flavoring ratio is 5:1. To serve, pour soup over the fried tofu. Top with grated ginger, minced green onions and a few bonito flakes.

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