Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hide's Shiozake (Salted Salmon)

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Denny requested this recipe from Hide Obatake, as Denny's uncle made something similar to this when he was younger, which he was very fond of. When Hide was a child, his relatives from Hokkaido, Japan used to send his family a whole Shiozake wrapped in straw. It had so much salt that it never spoiled even at room temperature. This was the common way to preserve fish in pre-ice box and refrigerator era. It is very salty and eaten only in small quantities.

2 lb salmon filet (with skin on)
2-1/2 – 4T sea salt (do not use table salt)

Rub the salt into the salmon as you would a barbeque rub. Wrap the salmon with a paper towel and keep it refrigerated for up to 3 days. Put a folded bamboo sushi wrapper underneath to keep it from the liquid. You can slice it before cooking, or slice it and freeze individually. You can adjust the salt to your liking. You can bake or broil the salmon.

This is an extremely salty recipe, so is eaten in small quantities. Some folks boil or rinse the salmon multiple times after it is cooked and then dip it in vinegar to cut the heavy salty taste.

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