Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cake in a Cloud

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This cake resembles a cloud once you get it put together. You can use Heath bars or any chocolate-covered toffee bar instead of the Skor candy bars. In each scoopful, you will get a taste of chocolate cake, pudding, whipped cream and toffee nuggets. It resembles a chocolate trifle and feeds a large crowd.

1 pkg Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake Mix (plus oil, eggs, water, per directions on box)
2 pkgs Jell-O Chocolate Instant Pudding (large size)
5 cups milk
3 small tubs of Cool Whip
3 Skor candy bars, crushed

Make cake mix according to directions in two 9” pans. Cool. Mix pudding and milk with wire whisk. Set aside. In a deep, large round bowl, layer the following:

-- One layer of cake
-- ½ of the pudding
-- 1 tub Cool Whip (fill in the gaps and sides of the bowl with Cool Whip)
-- The other cake layer
-- The rest of pudding
-- 1 tub Cool Whip to cover all

Use the rest of the Cool Whip to simulate a cloud effect, rounding the top of the bowl, so it looks like one big mound. Sprinkle the crushed Skor candy bars on top. To serve, spoon into individual serving bowls.

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